Calculating the Panchanga

For all the forumulas given below, lmoon refers to the longitude of the moon, and smoon refers to the longitude of the sun at some point in time. DATE The date forms the basis of the information for the calendar and is the reference point. VARA (WEEKDAY) The weekday cannot be determined from astronomical factors. However, there are existing algorithms which can take any gregorian/julian day and will compute the weekday from it. MAASA (MONTH) There are three different kinds of months Solar Month – Starts when the sun moves … Continue reading


you should find this chapter very interesting. It contains explanations for the many esoteric and mystical notations found on the calendar, including the kalas, yogas, gem of the day, color of the day, festivals and other special days.   EIGHT DAYTIME PERIODS—THE KALAS The period between sunrise and sunset each day is divided into eight pe- riods. Each period, or kala, lasts approximately one and one-half hours, depending on the total duration of sunlight. Three of the eight kalas are considered most im- portant—Rahu Kala, Yama Kala and Gulika Kala—known … Continue reading

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